Oct 27

A Course In Miracles and Why you should read it

Why you should read A Course in Miracles, in this video I give my first video about why I think this is an interesting book to read and why I think it´s much more than a book. I feel like I´m coming out of some sort of closet, I haven´t mentioned to many people that […]

Aug 07

From Bangkok to Tantra

Had a wonderfull time in Bangkok, my first time to Thailand. I really enjoyed the different vibe and energy. Bangkok is quite buisy though and big cities is usually not my cup of tea, so we headed to Koi Samoui. An expensive kind of wanna be miami type of place, for Thailand at least, but […]

Jul 22

10 Day Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Wowza, what a ride! 10 days of no cell phone, no Internet, no writing, no talking not even eye contact, for some people this means no fun, that is so far from the truth. Don’t get me wrong, it can be a very tough process, but the benefits are so gross. I don’t think most […]

Jul 21

How to prepare and make chaga tea medicine

In this article I thought I would show you how to prepare and make chaga tea medicine. If you are unfamiliar with chaga tea I can say that it is a very interesting mushroom that grows on the bark tree. I got mine of a farmer that specialises in mushroom research and it’s benefits, one […]

Mar 20

How to Sprout Sunflower Seeds

How to sprout sunflower seeds is much easier than it sounds, and Sunflower seeds is my favorite to sprout, because it´s so easy. But why not eat a seed without sprouting it? The main reason of this is energy. Another reason is to look at the food we are buying in the stores that have […]